House DJ

I have played the role of a Strategist, Designer, Consultant, Project Lead and more. I started one of the first web agencies in Southern California before migrating to the San Francisco Bay Area.

I focused primarily on Cold Fusion and database architecture before joining Sapient in 1999 as a Senior Information Architect. I was with the company for 4½ years before leaving as a Director of User Experience, then began my freelance career and worked for several design agencies including Frog, Extractable, Ammunition Group, and MetaDesign, where I was a partner.

At MetaDesign I was responsible for developing the company’s first Interaction Design practice and building out that part of the business. After the first year I had 7 people on my team including interaction designers and project managers. Although many on my team were junior when they started, they all went on to senior positions at other companies.

I lead successful projects for DIRECTV, Samsung Mobile, Autodesk, Comcast, Sony, Fijitsu, and eBay. Since then, I have worked for several other agencies and lead UX solutions for, PayPal, Nokia, Kohler, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Seagate, LegalZoom, Financial Engines, and many more.

I was a Senior Producer at Autofuss and lead the launch of the Nexus 5 website for Google in the US and 11 additional countries.Most recently I have been focused on areas such as mobile applications, responsive design, and high resolution prototyping using tools like Axure.

I have also conducted contextual research including putting on an apron for Home Depot and working at several stores to observe customers’ buying patterns. I also have my own mobile usability testing lab including video capture, screen capture, and closed circuit TV monitoring.


There are a lot of people you can hire to work on your project, but these are the qualities I bring to the table. If these look important to you, let’s talk!

Other Interests? I have a few

All work and no play… you know the rest. Here are some of my other interests outside of work.