I have played the role of a Strategist, Designer, Consultant, Project Lead and more. I started one of the first web agencies in Southern California before migrating to the San Francisco Bay Area.

I focused primarily on Cold Fusion and database architecture before joining Sapient in 1999 as a Senior Information Architect. I was with the company for 4½ years before leaving as a Director of User Experience, then began my freelance career and worked for several design agencies including Frog, Extractable, Ammunition Group, and MetaDesign, where I was a partner.

At MetaDesign I was responsible for developing the company’s first Interaction Design practice and building out that part of the business. After the first year I had 7 people on my team including interaction designers and project managers. Although many on my team were junior when they started, they all went on to senior positions at other companies.

I lead successful projects for DIRECTV, Samsung Mobile, Autodesk, Comcast, Sony, Fijitsu, and eBay. Since then, I have worked for several other agencies and lead UX solutions for Box.net, PayPal, Nokia, Kohler, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Seagate, LegalZoom, Financial Engines, and many more.

I was a Senior Producer at Autofuss and lead the launch of the Nexus 5 website for Google in the US and 11 additional countries.Most recently I have been focused on areas such as mobile applications, responsive design, and high resolution prototyping using tools like Axure.

I have also conducted contextual research including putting on an apron for Home Depot and working at several stores to observe customers’ buying patterns. I also have my own mobile usability testing lab including video capture, screen capture, and closed circuit TV monitoring.

Countries Worked
Total designers managed
Successful Projects
Failed Projects

Why Work With Me?

My work has crossed several industries, on several continents, playing many different roles.
I have a wide range of skills from design to technology and can manage both.
Failure? Nope.
Nobody is perfect, but I am obsessed with the success of people and projects.
No Dogma
Traditional values. Not traditional methods. Whatever makes the work better, I'm in.
Nobody can do more with less. I leverage an extensive library of re-usable assets.
I have developed methods and tools that dramatically speeds progress while remaining flexible.
Although I'm completely capable of self-guided work, but great results come from collaboration.
I love development
As a former developer, I know that It's the super power for how ideas come to life.

Technology Expertise

Although I have a wide range of tech interests, these in particular have been a big part of my focus

I design and build everything from high profile marketing sites to full blown applications.
Native Mobile Apps
From IOS, Android, and even Windows Mobile... to mobile optimized web apps.
Product and Device
Creating unique interfaces for products and devices that have screens and input controls.
AR/VR Mixed Reality
Working mobile VR, Oculus, and Unity... I have discovered the future of digital experiences.

Other interests? I have a few

All work and no play... you know the rest. Here are some of my other interests outside of work.

I have been involved in on and off road racing, as well as adventure riding across the US and Europe.
Starting with fashion, and later with digital, I love capturing the world around me.
Scuba Diving
The ocean is my happy place. Rescue certified diver for 10+ years with 500+ dives worldwide.
Culinary life
I have developed a keen interest in cooking, eating, wine, and the pursuit of the perfect cocktail.
19 countries and 4 continents later, I couldn't imagine my life without the experience of travel.

Who’s ready to design something great? You are!