Going to Bali was kind of a milestone trip for me in several ways. It was the first time I had traveled exclusively for a vacation in a long time. I usually tack on excursions to business trips. Also, I was going for two weeks which I’ve never done. At the time I also happen to be dating someone who had planned a trip with her daughter almost the same time and although we did do some activities apart, we managed to connect on a few as well.

Where did I go? I started at a Yoga retreat in Canggu. I wanted to be out of my element… and this place did not disappoint. Solhouse was this hip place where everyone was at least 25 years young and at least 25 pounds lighter and I’m sure everyone was wonder what the hell I was doing there. It was an experience… I don’t regret it, but definitely going to stay in my lane a little more in the future.

Also stayed in Legian, Munduk, and back and forth. I got to do two scuba diving trips, and went out with a guide to take pictures and drone shots as well. It was a great time… the food was amazing, and I did actually lose weight so pursuing it as a healthy alternative to vacation is definitely valid. The only disappointment was the overwhelming presence of western tourists. It was worst than Hawaii which I think interfered with the charm and mystery, but still a great place and I would highly recommend.