I’m very fortunate that my work has taken me to all kinds of interesting places like different parts of Europe, Japan, India, and Australia. This trip to Vietnam may be one of the most interesting trips yet. Not knowing what to expect, I went with an open mind and and significant curiosity.

Day 1 11/5-6

The flight from SFO to ICN to SGN took almost 22 hours total with a 3 hour layover in Seoul. Beautiful airport which is where the black and whites are from (see pics below). I was incredibly lucky that jet lag and a 15 hour time difference didn’t wreck me… I acclimated quickly and feel pretty good. The heat will take a little longer, but the weather has been beautiful and clear (silly Apple Weather app)!

I went to the Infonam offices and was greeted with this very nice sign with my name on it (also below). Infonam is Salt Branding’s development partner in Vietnam and I came out to talk about our first mobile gaming app project and other potential work. Everyone was incredibly gracious and my guess is, also somewhat curious. Probably had something to do with the fact that I’m about 3 weeks overdue for a haircut and look like one of those awkward retired rock musicians.

After some great meetings with the team, who had things well under control, we cut out for a quick trip to a spa for a massage (which my 22 hour flight beaten body needed) and then off to drinks at the Park Hyatt. From there we had dinner at Cục Gạch Quán which was amazing and just happen to be sitting next to the American Ambassador to Vietnam. He wanted to join us and we were like, “Get your own table ambassador dude!” (not really).

Following a great dinner we then went to the Saigon Roof Bar. Wow. This place was amazing. A live act with 3 women who were dancing and singing and open views all around us of downtown. My gracious host for the trip, Prithvi ordered a bottle of Macallan 12 year old for the table. After getting over the initial fear, and a few drinks in… I found peace and now a new appreciation for scotch.

After saying goodbye to the rest of the team, Prithvi took me to this part of town (the header image) where all these europeans and expats hang out. Believe it or not, that shot was taken at 3am and it was in full effect. Amazing energy in this city… looking forward to seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and experiencing the rest of this beautiful place. Here’s a few pics (click any to start a slideshow viewer)…

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