Personal Bio

All work and no play… you know the rest. Here are a few more things about me.

I have played the role of a Strategist, Designer, Consultant, Project Lead and more. I started one of the first web agencies in Southern California before migrating to the San Francisco Bay Area.

From there I stated as a developer building database driven websites for companies like Athleta, Visa, Apple, and more. Then I moved into Information Architecture which was the gateway drug to User Experience Research and Design where I focused the next 20 years of my career.

Spending almost my entire career on the consulting side of tech, I was also brought in to many traditional high profile design firms known for things like Brand Strategy and Graphic Design, Industrial Design, and Marketing Agencies. My role was typically to bring Digital Strategy and Design to their existing offerings. This involved understanding the existing business, how to position Digital in that business, and then find the clients, build the team, and execute the work until it was fully assimilated.

This has been the case when I got into modeling, DJing, skydiving, motorcycle racing, scuba diving, and these days it’s yoga. All of these things I’ve gone deep into to embrace the best things about them, and overcome my fears that were associated to them.

From working on globalization projects to conducting workshops in the mountains outside of Kathmandu, Nepal, I’ve had an amazing career. I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to learn and grow from some of the most respected people in the industry. It was their generosity and patience that made all of this possible.

These days I live in Scottsdale, AZ where I enjoy the house music scene, while I focus on developing and launching an amazing course on AI Prompt Engineering.

My personal life has been nothing but an ascension to constantly learn what I’m capable of and push boundaries. I’m the most comfortable, when I challenge myself to take on uncomfortable situations that will ultimately lead to my growth.


The below are a set of unique skills that apply to all of my work

Other Interests? I have a few

All work and no play… you know the rest. Here are some of my other interests outside of work.